I am a 24 year old graduate from Bournemouth university, where I studied Business and Finance. Throughout my time at university, I got various work experience placements with different mortgage brokers to get a feel of what it is like to give people mortgage advice first hand as this is where I felt I was strongest and had the most interest in. I then got a job in one of these firms so I worked there in my spare time whilst I could, still managing to fit in my studies. In fact this work experience and job helped me a lot with my studies as it gave me hands on experience which I could apply to assignments and projects, really giving me an insight how the industry works and then being apply that to university work was a real bonus for me.

When I would go home for the summer holidays, I would get a summer job in the mortgage advice brokers on my local high street as I had done work experience there whilst I was at school so they knew me quite well and also as I had grown my work experience portfolio whilst at university, the company found I was a real asset to them. In fact bringing knowledge from the other companies to the front as well as the up to date information I was learning and techniques from university.

After I finished university, I wanted to go travelling and as I could not really afford to go abroad, I thought I would stay and travel across the UK and thought I will go with my best friend. My best friend is George, my Labrador! We thoroughly enjoyed it and spoke to so many people on our travels and they all asked what I did, as we all do when speaking to people, it makes conversation! Plus everyone loves dogs and that also gets conversations going! When I explained what I had an interest in and had studied, I found that so many people had so many varied and interesting stories to tell about when they have bought, sold, rented or let out properties. I was hearing some stories about very unusual incidents and realised not all property transactions are straightforward at all and as they make out to be on paper or in lectures. I then began taking notes from people and thought what a great idea it would be to start a blog or similar where I could write down all these stories and continue touring the UK, with just this in mind and talking to people specifically about any tips they may have on making the move or rental any easier. Also after hearing some horror stories, to tell these so people could avoid making the same mistakes and make their processes a lot easier and stress free hopefully.

I am hoping this blog will help people in their property buying, selling, renting, letting journeys and will also add my own tips that I have picked up from all my work experience over the past few years and put those on the blog where relevant. Having worked in mortgage brokers, I am able to offer help and advice and some great tips on how to get a mortgage, who may be the best lenders and various blog articles specifically aimed at mortgages only. I will give relevant tips according to how the housing and money lending market is at the time and hopefully this will benefit all those who read the blog. I will also give property advice as to how the current market is relevant to what is happening at the time and in the area that I visited lately.